The 16 Most Beautiful Celebrity Wedding Dresses Of All Time

Diply 23 Aug 2017

A wedding dress is something we think about from a young age. As cheesy as it sounds, we look forward to the day we live our very best life and rock the most flawless gown our friends and family have ever seen us in.

Celebrity weddings tend to go above and beyond all of our wildest dreams, including the expensive and intricate wedding dresses we hope to one day afford.

1. Lauren Conrad

Instagram | @laurenconrad

Although this designer obviously had two wedding dresses to wear on her big day, we are smitten by her custom Badgley Mischka gown she wore for the ceremony.

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2. Victoria Beckham

Instagram | @victoriabeckham

Spice girl Victoria wore an incredible satin gown at her wedding to everyone's favorite athlete, David Beckham.

She also chose to wear a more untraditional color of golden beige, instead of white.

Always the trendsetter, that one!

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3. Sofia Vergara

Instagram | @sofiavergara

Sofia Vergara's wedding dress is truly what dreams are made of.

It doesn't hurt that she always looks flawless, but she chose a gown that suits her to perfection!

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4. Ciara

Instagram | @ciara

Ciara wins at life, generally speaking.

But this wedding dress goes far above and beyond all expectations of a wedding dress.

The details in the sleeves are magical and I would wear this on any given day.

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5. Amal Clooney

People | People

The bride we all waited for, Amal Clooney obviously had this grown custom created by Oscar de la Renta, with 14 yards of Chantilly lace and hand-embroidered with crystals.

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6. Kate Middleton

Facebook | The Royal Family

Kate Middleton took royalty to another level with this classy AF dress.

We always knew she could do no wrong, and this was the icing on the cake.

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7. Pippa Middleton

YouTube | The Royal Family Channel

Not to be outdone, younger sister Pippa found the cutest dress I might have seen in my life.

These sisters definitely know how to dress for their unique styles!

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8. Eva Longoria

Instagram | @frenchlacecollective

As if this dress wasn't already beautiful, what makes it even better is that Eva's dear friend Victoria Beckham designed this dress especially for her!

My friends need to step it up.

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9. Kate Moss

Instagram | @weddingcollectivensw

Leave it to Kate Moss to bring a brand new take on the wedding dress.

Not one thing about this dress is common — she looks simply stunning in this unique gown!

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10. Ashley Tisdale

Instagram | @celebritybrideguide

This High School Musical alum looks just as youthful as she did in her wildcat days in her gorgeous bright white dress.

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11. Kim Kardashian

Instagram | @thebigday_blog

Kim has always had a strong sense of style. While keeping it sexy and sophisticated, Kim absolutely nailed it with this dress.

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12. Angelina Jolie

People | People

Jolie's gown was created by Versace tailor Luigi Massi, who had a selection of her kids’ drawings hand-sewn onto the entire dress!

How freaking adorable is that???

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13. Nicole Richie

Instagram | @celebrityweddingsonline

This feathery looking dress looks like it was made for Nicole, with beautiful feminine details from head to toe!

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14. Nikki Reed

Instagram | @celebrityweddingsonline

To match her extremely beautiful new husband, Nikki donned a light, lacy, obviously beautiful wedding gown.

I'm not jealous, you are.

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15. Kaley Cuoco

Arabia Weddings | Arabia Weddings

When Cuoco married tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, she wore a pink tulle Vera Wang dress.


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16. Whitney Port

Instagram | @whitneyeveport

Whitney truly killed it with the first high-low wedding dress I've ever seen and loved.

Her lace appliqué dress paired with floral shoes could not have been a better match.

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