How Someone Hugs Can Mean A Lot Of Different Things

Diply 13 Jul 2016

Did you know that the way you hug someone says a lot about your personality? At first, this question is somewhat surprising. Don't people generally hug the same way? If you pay closer attention, a hug can take many forms. Some people look their partners right in the eye when they hug, or even put their hands in the other person's pockets. Believe it or not, these subtle behaviors can reveal an enormous amount about who you are as a person.

Let's go through some of these behaviors and what they mean for you.

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Hugging from behind with your arms wrapped around their waist.

SydneyGenReads | SydneyGenReads

If you hug your partner from behind, you have a particular kindness that many others don't have. It isn't just about being sweet, though. This body language announces that you are protecting your significant other. You don't want to let a good thing get away.

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Put your hand in your partner's pocket when you hug?

Gallery Photo Online | Gallery Photo Online

This is an obvious sign that you are comfortable with your relationship. Not only are you comfortable, you are relaxed. This is a powerful combination.

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Hugging with a pat on the back.

The Journal | The Journal

This hugging style means that you are comforting and friendly. This hug isn't about physical attraction or intimacy. This is a hug you would likely give a friend. You know how far a pat on the back goes.

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If you hug and stare into the other person's eyes, you have a genuine emotional connection.

Instagram | @breetennant

Looking right into someone's eyes means that the hug is the only thing you care about at that moment. Nothing else matters.

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If you embrace each other with an arm over your partner's shoulder, you don't have trust issues.

Daily Mail | Daily Mail

You are letting go in a sense. This is great because this isn't a universal trait.

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Hugging from behind isn't always great.

Colourbox | Colourbox

Awkward controlling behaviors, like holding the arms into place, can be off-putting. It can also show that the two people aren't entirely comfortable with each other.

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Hugging from a distance.

Tumblr | Hello, My Name Is Awkward.

We all know what this means. You aren't comfortable with one another. Someone or both of you don't jive. It's possible that you don't have compatible personalities.

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The straddle hug.

Deviant Art | Elena-Elendim

If you and your partner hug with one person in a semi-straddle (not exactly the way you're thinking), you are both sensual people. There is an incredible amount of physical attraction that can't be denied.

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The cat hug.

WikiHow | WikiHow

If your cat reciprocates, you have a solid foundation with your cat. If not, well, it's a cat. He'll come around when he feels like it.

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