12 Historical Facts That 'Titanic' Got Wrong

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Titanic is simultaneously the most romantic and tragic film of all time. We all are total suckers for the Jack and Rose romance, even though it ends in tragedy and tears for all — including us in the audience. Although most would argue that the movie was well-done and accurate, there were a few inconsistencies in the movie that wouldn't have happened in the real-life event.

1. Jack wouldn't have been able to attend that first-class dinner.

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Third-class passengers were not allowed to dine in the first-class area, and vice versa. So, in real life, Jack and Rose wouldn't have been able to get anywhere near one another. I know, I'm crying too.

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2. Lanterns weren't a thing during the real event.

All Things Celeb | All Things Celeb

Director James Cameron did this on purpose — because he was aware that the real crew didn't have lanterns — but he needed something to light the shot during the search scene when looking for survivors.

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3. There wouldn't have been other, smaller ships sailing around the Titanic when it departed. 

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The Titanic took off and left Southampton while there are smaller boats visible sailing around the ship. But, in reality, this wouldn't have been a thing: The waves from this huge cruise ship would have sunken the smaller ships.

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4. Unsinkable Molly Brown wasn't known as that during her life.

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In the movie, we see the character Molly Brown who was based on a real life passenger called Unsinkable Molly Brown. The real woman was known as Margaret Brown. She was not called that nickname until after she died.

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5. Passengers would have been affected by the cold weather before getting off the ship.

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Jack froze to death because he was in cold water...and everyone else froze or nearly froze because of the freezing cold, windy weather. Hypothermia would have affected passengers a lot sooner when they were evacuating onto the decks, and in that case, a lot of them wouldn't have even made it off the ship.

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6. Third class passengers weren't locked underneath the deck once lifeboats were released.  

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"As soon as the order was given to lower the lifeboats, the order was given to open all the gates and there was no discrimination on the boat deck between either first class or third," Historian Tim Maltin said.

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7. Military traditions would have been British, not American.

Community | Community

Will Murdoch was the first officer of the ship...and gave an American style salute before committing suicide. However, the Titanic was a British ship, and therefore would have had a different, distinct British salute. Speaking of Will Murdoch...

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8. Will Murdoch was a hero in the real-life event.

The Captain's Table | The Captain's Table

Will helped passengers evacuate, loading up to 10 lifeboats while the ship was sinking. However, in the movie Will doesn't look as heroic, committing suicide after shooting two passengers who fought for a space on the lifeboat. Not cool, Titanic.

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9. Rose never would have survived that harsh weather conditioners considering her clothing.

Factinate | Factinate

Her coat and thin dress wouldn't have done jack (pun intended) for her considering how cold the water and the air was. She would have froze to death, but we're going to pretend that isn't the case.

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10. Lake Wissota wasn't filled with water when the Titanic sank.

Movie Pilot | Movie Pilot

Jack said that he fished on Lake Wissota near Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin....but the lake was a mere pit until it was filled with water about six years after the ship sank.

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11. Rose quoted Sigmund Freud theories that weren't even published yet.

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Titanic took place during the same time the real ship was sunk, 1912. Rose quoted Freud regarding males obsession with size, which wasn't published until several years later in 1920.

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12. That water in the lower decks would have been gross af.

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We saw Jack and Rose escaping flooded lower decks of the ship, but ocean water is dark and murky and muddy, not clear and blue. Nasty.

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