14 Ridiculously Smart Travel Hacks You'll Actually Want To Try

Diply 28 Jul 2016

Everyone loves going on vacation but no one can stand packing! Why not turn yourself into a human Swiss Army knife by using these lifesaving packing hacks? These wicked tips and tricks will eliminate your headaches, save you some space, and make sure your stuff doesn't get wrecked.

Get ready to become the ultimate traveler wherever you're headed, because these DIYs are ready to rock no matter where life takes you!

1. Save The Day With A Power Strip! You'll Be A Hero To Other Travelers!

reddit | hateburn

The first step on every journey is making sure you're a team player. You'll never know when you might need to make an emergency phone call, let people know you're alright, or look up a map. Plus it's a great way to make new friends while you're traveling!

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2. Use Your Belt To Keep The Collars On Your Dress Shirts Crisp

YouTube | DaveHax

This hack literally takes two seconds once you roll up your belt. Plus, this way your shirt won't look like crap once you unpack and you won't have to take forever to get it looking good again.

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3. Wrap Your Shoes In A Shower Cap To Keep Your Other Clothes Clean!

Wardrobe Trends Fashion | Wardrobe Trends Fashion

Whether your shoes are old or new, they've spent a lot of time touching the ground. Don't let your shoes get your other clothes dirty by wrapping them in a shower cap. #13 and #16 also have packing hacks for your shoes! See how you can use shoes as storage space!

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4. Use A Tic-Tac Container As A Lid For Your Toothbrush

Instagram | @cass616

This way, even after you use your toothbrush, it will keep any germs from getting on there. Plus, once you pack it up like this, it won't make the rest of your toiletries all wet.

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5. Wrap Your Soap In A Washcloth

Bumble Bee's Craft Den | Bumble Bee's Craft Den

Cut a 4" x 11 1/2" rectangle from a towel, or use a washcloth to travel with your soap so it doesn't get broken or damaged. That way, you'll also have a washcloth to use wherever your travels may take you!

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6. Use A Binder Clip To Pack Your Razor

Travear | Travear

This way, it will stay more sanitary AND won't slice your other stuff to shreds. Plus, you don't want anyone to cut themselves when they're reaching into your toiletries bag.

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7. Use A Sunglasses Case To Carry Headphones And Computer Cords

How To Survive Life In The Suburbs | How To Survive Life In The Suburbs

Don't let your cords get tangled or mangled while you see the world. You don't want to be unable to charge your phone in the middle of nowhere if you need help! Use a sunglasses case to make sure they don't get ruined. Bonus points if you use a twist tie to keep them together.

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8. Turn A Travel-Sized Shampoo Bottle Into A Medicine Container

Instagram | @kristenjoy_tiu

This way you can keep all of your meds organized and in one container rather than keeping different pills in different spots. You can even layer your different meds to keep them grouped together.

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9. Use A Pill Container To Store Your Jewelry 

Flickr | davidstewartgets

This is great if you've co-ordinated your jewelry with your outfits throughout the course of your trip. Nothing will make your vacation a treat like staying organized!

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10. Put A Dryer Sheet In Your Suit Case To Keep Your Clothes Smelling Fresh

About A Mom | About A Mom

This one goes hand in hand with #10. If you don't have time to air your clothes out after a long flight or an extended train ride, this will save you from smelling funky once you get dressed!

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11. Put Your Phone In A Plastic Bag So You Can Hook It To Your Tray Table

Instagram | @geturwings2fly

If the entertainment on the plane isn't your cup of tea, then entertain yourself! All you need to do is put your phone inside a plastic bag, clip it to your tray table and you're good to go!

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12. Pack Your Shoes As If They Were In A Shoebox!

J Wong Boutique | J Wong Boutique

If you pack your shoes inside a shower cap, pack them facing heel to toe like this, so you can save space and they won't stick up. Check out #16 for another pro shoe packing hack.

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13. Pack Your Layers From Thick To Thin To Fit More In Your Suitcase!

Squawkfox | Squawkfox

By packing all of your thickest layers at the bottom, you'll be able to maximize the space you have no matter what bag you're using. This way, you can secure all your valuables between layers and make it easier for you to stay organized as well!

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14. When You're Packing Your Clothes, Roll Them Instead Of Folding Them

Travelling Chic | Travelling Chic

If you marry this method with #14 you'll be able to bring twice as much stuff in the same bag! It only takes two seconds and makes so much sense. Especially if you're travelling with someone, you could potentially only have to bring one bag for both of you, depending on the trip.

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