There's A Tropical Island Full Of Rescue Puppies And I'm Packing My Bags Right Now

Diply 29 May 2017

Just in case you thought paradise couldn't get any better, there's a place in the tropics with clear blue water, white sand beaches, and puppies. Puppies! There's literally nothing that dogs can't make better — even the sunny shores of paradise.

If you want to take your next vacation up a notch with puppies, check out the Turks & Caicos island of Providenciales. It's home to Potcake Place, the island's only dog rescue charity.

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Potcakes are the dogs commonly found on Providenciales and other Caribbean islands like The Bahamas. 

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They get their name from the food left at the bottom of the pot, which would be fed to the local dogs.

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Potcake Place has a seemingly endless supplies of the cute little puppers, and yes, you can adopt them. 

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However, if you're not quite ready to make that leap, you can swing by Potcake Place when you're in town and take a puppy out to the beach for a good frolic. It's good socialization for them, and obviously fun for everyone.

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Adopting a Potcake is free, but because Potcake Place is entirely volunteer-run, donations are encouraged. 

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Even if you just want to help with their mission, they have a wishlist of things they need that you can bring to the island with you.

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