12 Brilliant Ways To Use IKEA Shelving You Might Not Have Thought Of

Diply 18 Jun 2016

When you spend as much time online looking at DIY projects as I do, you see a lot of amazing, unique stuff that you wish you could recreate. For example, I love IKEA hacks and should probably be forbidden from researching them because I've ended up with an overloaded Pinterest board and so many ideas I feel like my head is going to explode! I just can't get over how versatile their products are and the level of creativity other people possess. It's truly inspiring!

If you are obsessed with IKEA hacks like me and are always looking for new and exciting bits of inspiration, check out the list below. It's filled with projects that perfectly utilize the Expedit/Kallax lines in practical, stylish ways that you will love.

1. Record Stand

The Surznick Common Room | The Surznick Common Room

I LOVE this idea. I've always wanted a record player for my living room...

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2. Bar Cart

Jared Smith | Sugar And Cloth

...And what could be better than enjoying a classy, mixed drink while listening to your favorite record?

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3. Closet Storage

Two Twenty One | Two Twenty One

This is a great option for smaller rooms that are in need of extra storage.

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4. Side Tables

The Every Girl | The Every Girl

Using tables that have multiple shelves cuts back on clutter and gives you a chance to add some personality to your side of the bed!

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5. Banquette Seat

Melodrama | Melodrama

The size of this banquette and its amazing black and white fabric come together to create perfect French bistro-inspired seating.

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6. Scrapbook Paper Storage

Mebemaria | Mebemaria

Using an IKEA shelf to store items like scrapbook paper is not only creative but also super effective for cutting down on clutter.

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7. Doll House

Dane Holweger | Honest To Nod

Okay, seriously, how cute is this? I always wanted a doll house as a kid, but now I want THIS one as an adult lol!

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8. Craft Table

A Home For Design | A Home For Design

Utilizing multiple shelving units is an affordable way to create a craft room work surface that can be used for a number of different projects.

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9. Window Bench

Mommy Vignettes | Mommy Vignettes

This adorable bench can be placed in a nursery or can be used as additional living room seating.

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10. Storage Bed

IKEA Hackers | IKEA Hackers

Make organization easy in any room with one of these bed frames made with KALLAX shelves.

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11. Kitchen Island

You, Me And We | You, Me And We

Even if your kitchen isn't large enough to accommodate a center island, you may be able to pull off a wall version like this one!

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12. Change Table

Oh My Gee | Oh My Gee

Lastly, keep baby clean, stylish, and happy with one of these super cute change tables.

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