16 Traditional Wedding Outfits From Around The World

Diply 21 Jul 2016

Whether I'm a guest or a part of a bridal party, I love going to weddings! I get to dress up, dance, and watch someone I care about get married. I'm not a crier, but I can't help myself when I'm at a wedding. I definitely can not hold back my tears when the couple dances to their first slow song. So cute!

Typically, a bride wears white, and a groom wears black on their wedding day. That's beautiful, but I also enjoy it when a couple takes a more traditional route and wear something that represents their culture. I have been to an Indian wedding before, and the bride and groom wore these detailed red outfits that were so unique and beautiful, to say the least. That wedding I went to sparked my interest into finding out what other brides and grooms wear around the world. Let's take a trip and find out! Here are 16 traditional wedding outfits from around the world! Ghana's my favorite!


Flickr | Timothy

This is very unique! A Japenese groom wears a black suit or kimono, and the bride wears a white silk hood called a tsunokakushi. The tsunokakushi represents humility and modesty. I really love how both of their outfits are crisp and clean.

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Alfaaz Photography | Alfaaz Photography

This couple looks like royalty, and those capes look sweet!

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123RF | 123RF

This is so different compared to the traditional white wedding dress! I love the detailing on both their outfits. How cute is it that they're matching?

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The Moroccan Culture | The Moroccan Culture

This couple is also matching by wearing the same color! They look magnificent.

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Instagram | @rani_in_silk

Indian brides wear a saree or lehenga on their wedding day, but the style of her saree or lehenga depends on what region she is from. The groom and bride both wear red, which represents prosperity and fertility. Also, Indian weddings are not a one-day event. They typically last for an average of three days! I love weddings, so an entire weekend event sounds good to me!

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The Guardian | The Guardian

In Bulgaria, the bride gets her face painted white, and her female in-laws decorate her face with colorful sequins. This is a very old custom that dates back to many centuries ago.

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Sri Lanka

Lanka Celebrity Gallery | Lanka Celebrity Gallery

The groom is dressed just as extravagant as the bride. I don't even know who to stare at!

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Instagram | @naturalklasikbali

Both of their headpieces are so beautiful! I want one.

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Folk Costume and Embroidery | Folk Costume and Embroidery

As unique as the bride's outfit looks, it's not very unique to her wedding party. Her bridesmaids are dressed like her because it will confuse any evil spirits, and protect the bride from evil influences. What a great group of friends!

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i-do | i-do

Both of their outfits have so much going on. Where do I even start? I love the grooms furry hat and leopard-print skirt. Looks great!

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Instagram | @xpressions.insta

Just like in India, Pakistani brides also wear red. Awe, look at how the groom is looking at her. Adorable.

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Flickr | Vladimir Pustovit

I'm loving the flower crown. Flower power!

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Instagram | @akiboatimpressions

This couple's outfits are leaving me speechless! Absolutely stunning.

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Instagram | @klalaphotography

This bride is holding a feather fan, which is what most Nigerian brides rock on their wedding day. This is so smart because with all that dancing, they will surely sweat up a storm.

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Instagram | @paultenyom

This couple's outfits match to a T. A couple that matches together, stays together.

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Tait Photography | Tait Photography

In Scotland, the groom takes a more traditional route by wearing a kilt from his clan. His wife joins in on the tradition after the wedding ceremony and wears a tartan shawl over her dress. The tartan pattern is the same as her husband's kilt, and it symbolizes her joining his family.

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