23 People Better At The System Than You

Diply 3 Jul 2018

Everyone is always looking for a shortcut, right? Well, these people (and a dog or two) know their way around the system. Talk about sneaky goals! They are true inspirations for going forth and living your best and most convenient life.

1. This little girl, who will let nothing stand between her and cake batter.

Instagram | @thegarciatribe

Never change girl, never change.

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2. This person, who obviously knows what a crossword puzzle is.

Instagram | @madiscool_

Ignorance is bliss, right?

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3. Your friend who does this every time you go to see a movie.

Instagram | @thumbdiddle

And somehow, they never get caught...

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4. Gross, but fair.

Instagram | @juanitolivo

This guy is right...they DIDN'T specify that customers had to!

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5. This girl who plugged her landline into the ATM.

Instagram | @vestallion

Now that is some seriously sneaky stuff...wonder how long she got away with that.

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6. This is absolutely genius.

Instagram | @rowdy_rankin

Ummm, yes, I plan on doing this 100% of the time now.

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7. This kid, who was told no electronics at the table.

Instagram | @realitybasedmom

Technically he's not at the table, just under it!

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8. This is iconically beating the system.

Instagram | @libertarianreview

Where there is a will, there's a way.

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9. The person who didn't want to buy an entire yogurt and just got a sample.

Instagram | @halstynhart

Too good. If you get enough samples, it's like you bought the real thing!

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10. This person who figured out a way around that expensive Chipotle guac.

Instagram | @tragicbrrrrr

Just use your own avocado! Brilliant.

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11. Future president right here.

Instagram | @somebodysmothers

This little girl is my hero and I want to be her best friend.

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12. You never have to make your bed if you don't sleep under the covers.

Instagram | @valerietriley

Honestly, this logic checks out.

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13. This cat is my spirit animal.

Instagram | @ymkmkmb

If you just stick your head directly into the food, you can eat way more. Duh.

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14. This extremely clever truck driver...

Instagram | @sontag02

Wait, so who do I call to review your driving? 555-food-bank?!

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15. This kid who dressed up his like mom for a parent teacher conference.

Instagram | @hoedity

Done. Dead. Bury me under the ground. The levels of petty and genius are too good to be true!

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16. The person who tricks themselves into thinking they're getting more sleep.

Instagram | @sosaaa43

It's all about the little things in life, isn't it?

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17. The person who read the "no diving" sign but didn't care.

Imgur | AllisRelative

No one tells them what to do!

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18. This girl.

Imgur | sneaky8ball

Just 'cause shoes are required doesn't mean you have to wear them!

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19. This kid who technically isn't in the 18+ area...

Reddit | Pontus_Pilates

He's probably already counting cards.

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20. The guy getting a piggyback from his girl.

Instagram | @unilad

Does this EVER happen?!

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21. This person who really, really hates crust.

Twitter | @elenacresci

What kind of monster...?

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22. The parent who figured out this hack.

Imgur | ChattyCats

Pure genius.

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23. The kid who put his home address as both the mailing and return addresses.

Reddit | beans3

Take that USPS!

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