24 Hilarious Pics You Just Didn't See Coming

Diply 3 Jul 2018

For my money, the funniest pics are the unexpected ones. The ones that just — WHAM — hit ya upside the head like a basketball beside Jay-Z and gets everyone laughin'.

So that's the name of the game today, pics we just didn't see coming! Whether it was unexpected twists and turns or just weird for the sake of weird — enjoy!

1. Everybody likes a surprise gift for when they come home!

Imgur | KikoDosSantos

Not that this is a gift, exactly, more like a horrific accident...but still! Kicking off this list with an exciting one.

2. A new car is one thing, but how about a brand new pet?!

Twitter | @BestOfTexts

What a cuddly little gator we got here. Who wouldn't want to snuggle up to this scaly boy?

3. Wow, well, I don't think the Washington Capitals thought this one through.

Instagram | @chingchongtomato

I don't even understand what lead them to think this or why, but yeah, thanks for that, though.

4. In hindsight, we should've all expected granny to be wildin' out from time to time.

Instagram | @memes

And really, you know she's gonna show those girls how it's really done. Go Doreen!

5. Well, I'm glad it all worked out in the end... Wait, what?!

Imgur | rIOsK

Yep — the ol' misdirection on Facebook jam. Props to this girl for throwing us all for a loop.

6. Here's a story you don't come across every day. 

Instagram | @kalesalad

I guess it's one of those "good news and bad news" kind of situations. Well, R.I.P. to whoever's cat that was.

7. I don't think anyone expected E.T. to be so O.G.!

Instagram | @grapejuiceboys

Dude looks even more intense than when Eminem was dissin' Trump. He ain't even have spaghetti on him or nothin'!

8. There's a lot going on here — you gotta wonder what the story is.

Instagram | @jimdidntcarrey

Who is chicken man? Why is he banned from fishing along with everyone else? Who knows?!

9. This is the first time I've heard of a movie marathon happening all at once. What fresh hell is this?

Reddit | yet_another_dave

However, I do agree that it won't make sense, but it will be wild, man.

10. I'm no conspiracy theorist, but I think this pharmacist has it out for this person.

Imgur | Prized

There's a good trick — warn them to follow instructions 100%, but give confusing AF instructions!

11. I really don't have an explanation. I guess God just works in mysterious ways? 

Twitter | @nathanfielder

Either that or super glue or a hair clip or something? Any good guesses out there?

12. Nothing quite like getting a care package from your dad. And really, that's probably a good thing.

Instagram | @jimdidntcarrey

Unless you're a big fan of going super extra for no payoff. Well, one payoff.

13. If you're gonna wear socks and sandals, you're lucky a basketball is the only thing that hit you.  

Instagram | @thefunnyintrovert

I really can't stop laughing at this pic. Everything about it just gets me.

14. Some absolute madman actually got past the office security with this act of criminal insanity! 

Reddit | mitllo88

Joking aside, it's kind of sad when a stapler has traveled the world more than you.

15. I aspire to be this level of chill one day.

Instagram | @will_ent.tv

Plus, what a perfect response. Most adults I know aren't even that quick-witted. This kid is going places, I bet.

16. I guess this is just one of the many reasons you don't leave your number just lying around places.

Instagram | @will_ent.tv

Well, actually, I shouldn't judge. Who knows? Maybe there was a connection.

17. Sometimes you've got to go for subtlety rather than an outright takeover.

Twitter | @claremaura

As they say, any big change worth doing will take time — and I'd say this is worth it.

18. When you're sharing some family news, you wanna make sure the entire family is included!

Twitter | @ataliagarcia5

That's right, especially any doggos you've got around. That's what we came to see anyway.

19. Miss Piggy is an independent woman who apparently refuses to be pinned to any specific genre.

Facebook | Youtube Snapshots

She's not only versatile, but I've heard that this isn't even her final form!

20. Look, I like Jeff Goldblum just as much as the next person, but there's a time and a place for Jeff Goldblum. 

Instagram | @kalesalad

The bathroom is not one of those places!

21. That is one hardcore survivor right there!

Instagram | @kalesalad

Damn, I hope they sent that photo and text around to everyone they know. What an epic way to show what a boss you are.

22. I never thought someone would be brave enough to finally ask the questions we've all been seeking.

Instagram | Instagram

Hopefully our top scientists are in the midst of a heated debate now.

23. Nothing like going to a museum to learn about things you never could on your own.

Reddit | Xzillerationer

That being said, you're not always going to get the best information out there.

24. And lastly, what would a list about things you didn't see coming be without an M. Night Shyamalan reference? 

Imgur | Scyle

Mostly forgettable, but a good ending. Hey, kinda like this list!