Quotes For When Our Dog Is The Real Love Of Our Life

Some people wait their entire lives to find that dream job or perfect spouse, while others are already complete as long as their furry friend is in their lives.

That's right, we've compiled some quotes that are for all of the people out there who prefer pets over people.

After all, who needs humans when you have the best fur-covered friend in the whole entire world?!

1. This is for those of us who fall instantly head over heels for puppers.

While "love at first sight" is a little childish when it comes to humans, immediate love for any dog in sight however, is the mark of true maturity and appreciation for absolute adorableness.

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2. Here's one for those with a dog that can do no wrong.

There's not much to complain about when you have a dog to give you endless cuddles, kisses and company.

Plus, every time you leave and come back, it's a parade of love and excitement.

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3. This quote is for those who have no problem canceling anyone for their beloved pet.

While boyfriends, best friends, moms, dads and even grandmothers are kind of important, if they mess with our furry friend, they may just have to take a hike.

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4. Finally, here's one for those who only need one partner in crime, and it's their dog.

For many pet lovers, the idea of having any kind of relationship that even remotely compares to the one they have with their pet is just ridiculous. Pets are on another whole level and humans are not about to catch up anytime soon.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you,

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